...i would follow you straight into hell...


chameleons have such cute hands


look they’re like little mittens

Oberyn Nymeros Martell, Tyrion muttered under his breath as he fell in beside the man. The Red Viper of Dorne. And what in the seven hells am I supposed to do with him? He knew the man only by reputation, to be sure… but the reputation was fearsome. When he was no more than sixteen, Prince Oberyn had been found abed with the paramour of old Lord Yronwood, a huge man of fierce repute and short temper. A duel ensued, though in view of the prince’s youth and high birth, it was only to first blood. Both men took cuts, and honor was satisfied. Yet Prince Oberyn soon recovered, while Lord Yronwood’s wounds festered and killed him. Afterward men whispered that Oberyn had fought with a poisoned sword, and ever thereafter friends and foes alike called him the Red Viper. 


G R O W I N G  S T R O N G

The four children of Mace and Alerie Tyrell of Highgarden.

Willas (x), Garlan (x), Loras (x) and Margaery (x


Photographer Mattias Klum from National Geographic gets close and personal with a lion.


On what it was like shooting the purple wedding: ”All of us girls are sitting there, because it’s so hot in Dubrovnik in Croatia in the summer. So we’re all sitting with our skirts up around our necks, you know, playing scrabble. It’s very glamorous” — Natalie Dormer on Late Night with Seth Meyers (x)

Waiting for issue 126 of The Walking Dead to be available online. 

It’s also my mom’s birthday. 

He wouldn’t kill Rick or Andrea on my mom’s birthday…

…would he?